About reCover Stories

Reaching out to your Sports injuries sustained from life’s struggles, be it training for the Olympics, the Inter-Schools, commuting to daily work, chasing after your kids, Yogi Moms, or over utilising those jaw muscles to chew your favourite food.  And feel free to share your Non-Sport injuries/medical conditions as well, we do not discriminate.

To share treatment ideas of what works, what doesn’t

To look past the injury. And understand the person behind it. Because every injury has a story.

And if you still have time, learn about common sports injuries.


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About Me


 Clyde Lim


I’m currently sloughing it out as a year 4 (AY17/18) Medical Student in the National University of Singapore


The only photos that we have in the hospital are: At the start/end of the posting….  


….on birthdays…


and when doing retarded nonsense to retain our sanity


When i’m not zombie-ing in the wards, I play squash for NUS

  Photo Credits: Sam Soon

If you did not know what Squash is: You hit a ball against a wall with a racket.

  Photo Credits: Sam Soon

and No, hitting a ball against a wall is not boring…



by the way, we love Udders icecream for Supper. All mine!


If I have time, which is hardly ever… 

I like to watch Japanese, Korean dramas, Anime, Manga

I like to draw, but I can’t draw for nuts.

I like ‘capturing moments’, not taking photos. An excuse for taking shitty shots.